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Lakeland Season Passes – The Best Way for Moms to Have Extra Fun with Their Families!

Are you a mom who wants to save money and have a great time with your family? Our Season Passes are here to help! They're made for moms just like you, so you can have a whole season of fun, laughter, and excitement with your family. Season Pass benefits include:

1. Saving Money:
Are you tired of spending a lot of money every time you go out with the kids? With Season Passes, you can save all season long! Unlimited admission means you pay once and don't worry the rest of the season.
2. Surprise Adventures: Sometimes, the best adventures happen when you least expect them. With Season Passes, you can have surprise adventures anytime you want! You don't need to plan ahead or buy tickets in advance. Just show up to the Orchard whenever you feel like it. It's all about having fun whenever you want!
3. Special Perks: Like saving 10% on all food & merchandise purchases! That means you can save even more money while enjoying everything the Orchard has to offer.
4. Buddy Passes: Want to bring a mom pal or your child's best friend? We have you covered! Get a one time use buddy pass to bring a friend with you for FREE!
5. Skipping the Crowds: Not interested in big crowds? With a Season Pass, you can avoid the crowds! Visit on a Thursday or Friday when there aren't too many people. That means shorter lines and more space for you and your family to have fun.
6. Seasonal Festivals: Our festivals change every month! With it so does the entertainment, picking offering, and food! With Season Passes, you can enjoy all the new shows, u-pick, and food every month!
7. Enjoying the Outdoors: It's so much fun to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. With Season Passes, you and your family can have lots of outdoor fun at the Orchard.
8. Relaxing: Moms need a break too! With Season Passes, you can relax and have a great time with your family. Take a break from your daily routine and enjoy all the fun things the Orchard has to offer!

 Are you excited to have the best time with your family at the Orchard? Get your Season Pass today and laugh, play, and make wonderful memories all season long!

2023 Souvenir cups


Fountain Soda







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The perfect addition to a day at the Orchard! Get FREE refills at Lakeland Orchard & Cidery AND Roba Family Farms for the entire 2023 season! Premium Souvenir Cups include free refills on every drink ranging from slush to fresh squeezed lemonade to coffee & hot chocolate!

*Hard Cider is excluded from both cup options.